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The ONLY Gaming PC you can Build

The ONLY Gaming PC you can Build with our motherboard installed, this is starting to look pretty good, which is where this comes in. So this is a cheap clearance$10 LED stick, which normally I would not include on a build like this. But first of all, it’s cheap. Second of all, we have a window. 

And third of all, besides our mustered cables, this actually should look pretty nice. So with the PC complete,I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. Not only does it look nice inside this fairly cheap case, but that single LEDstrip actually adds a lot to the aesthetic of the system. 

And of course, with our cable management, being decent constraints is a cheap system. I’m really happy with just the overall look of it. But of course, we’re not here just for the look of a $600 game PC. Let’s see what actually performs. 

All right, we are in oh yeah,no, we do a solid 200 frames per second right out the gate. So in CS:GO obviously it is not the most demanding game in the world. What’s nice about CS: GO is this is a game that actually does do a good job of showing how important your processor is, right, because while yeah, pretty much anything can play this at some level, but what we really want to be able to do is play it at something like100, 150, 200 frames per second and that’s really where the CPU makes a big difference. But when we’re getting200 frames per second as that not such a big problem. 

What is the big problem is everyone’s really good at CS:GO and I’ve never been good at CS: GO. So this is a good example of why gaming PC has some real advantages, right? Because with a console while yes, technically you can get some games with these next generations to play at above 60 frames per second but PCit works just right out of the gate, right? I don’t have to do anything, literally, if I have a monitor which isn’t even that expensive, I can jump straight into a very nice looking PC game. I’m just gonna keep dying on it. Okay, that’s fine,that’s fine, I like that, it’s really fun. 

Oh, by the way, have I not mentioned I’m also recording the gameplay right now too. So in addition to getting this nice, smooth performance, I’m also seeing 200, 215 frames per second while recording. I just got killed by a bot which is just great. All right, that’s what you deserve my friend. 

How did I not do that, why? (grumbling) So F1 2019 is certainly not the most difficult game to run in the world. But we’re running 1080p medium right now. No, you don’t know, you don’tknow, you (grumbling) come on (laughs) this is a game which is not crazy difficult to run but what we’re getting here is oh God, we’re getting 165 frames per second on medium at 1080p, especially considering them playing on a higher refresh rate display its actually a really nice smooth experience, 

I mean this is $600, right? And while I mean yeah, I guess you could obviously get higher frame but you have to consider that now we’re getting these hundred-plus frames per second games, at 1080p or doing that all while recording, right? This would mean that if we were to say streaming we will be getting very similar performance. 

You really don’t have a huge sort of bottleneck or penalty by going with something which is so much cheaper. It used to be that long ago, that when you bring out at five $600 computer, it might be playing some games like medium or whatever, but then you’re not gonna have enough memory, you’re gonna have a slow hard drive, like you used to have to make a lot of compromises. 

And that’s simple really isn’t the case anymore like this thing is like legitimately really solid. Next up, we have the good old classic of GTA 5. Now here, I’m going to run it on 1080p at high settings. 

What do you think should give us a little bit of a better sense of how this game is actually going to perform because while yeah, for things like CS: GO and F1 and sort of lighter Esports titles, you can get 100 plus FPS really easily. But GTA 5 was a little bit of an older game that can still be pretty taxing. Oh, wait, I’m just kidding,this is 115 frames per second. Okay, so I’m 1080p high, not a problem, we’re also getting a hundred frames per second. I know it’s rare that I’ve been surprised by a computer being better than I thought, but like, I think we can crank things up even farther. 

Now with our settings cranked up pretty much too very high and ultra, we’re in the45 frame per second range which makes sense, right? I mean, this is like fairly taxing, it’s an open-world game, it’s also hitting the CPU. 

This is a little bit more of a reasonable test but I mean, I will say especially if you have a monitor with any kind of adaptive sync40 FPS is still not terrible. And if it’s me, I’m going to crank down like this a little bit and I’m going to get a nice smooth 60 frames per second. So the next step is to see how well this computer actually streams. 

So after rudely denying him many shout outs in the past, I’m gonna let Ken have a try with this computer, get a little Twitch streaming action and see if it’s able to hold up. – All right, so Austin, let me have the reins with this brand new Ryzen3 PC and most importantly, it has that GTX 1650Super, which uses in videos and NVENC encoding to make streaming a little easier and less taxing on your CPU so I have my full streaming setup here. 

I siphoned all of my gear from home so I have my Stream Deck my RX0 camera, Elgato Cam Link, HD60. So we’re going to be testing out a stream, which I’m going to be doing in a couple of hours to see what this PC can do while streaming on Twitch, follow me and subscribe if you guys are awesome people. 

So I’m playing Valorant at 1080P while streaming in 720p60and this is going really well so I have all the settings maxed and valorous with our setup and I’m barely dipping below 144, that’s totally fine. And keep in mind I’m also recording this stream as well using NVENC on OBS so it again, completely fine. One enemy remaining, ooh, here we go. Nice work guys see not bad. – I am really happy with how this PC came out. So of course, as always, you can check it out at the links in the description. 

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