How to speed up windows 10 tips

How to speed up Windows 10 tips. Here You see all computer and laptop speed up tips for windows 10. like hp laptop, Lenovo laptop, dell laptop, Asus laptop Tip Number 1 So to start off, this one is probably going to make a difference if you do have a very low-end computer, or an … Read more

The best laptop under 50000 for music production

The best laptop under 50000 for music production lets cover some of the basic specs for popular DAWs. Cubase, Ableton Live, and other DAWs recommend at least an i5 processor or a multi-core AMD processor. recommended Ram is 8 GB.the higher processor cores, speed, and more RAM you get, the better.  It translates to smoother … Read more

Protect PC From Computer Viruses and Hackers

Protect PC From Computer Viruses and Hackers, These days you can never be too careful when it comes to computer security, and it seems like there are more threats than ever. Anything from phishing sites stealing your password, to ransomware that encrypts your data unless you pay up. By far the most important thing you … Read more

Unbelievable 15 Windows 10 Settings

 Unbelievable 15 Windows 10 Settings Even if you’ve been using Windows forever, there are probably a lot of settings that you never realized were on by default, and should probably change. These might be settings for privacy, convenience, or just usefulness in general.  So, we’re going to go over a bunch of settings in Windows, … Read more

How to repair windows 7 destroyed installation

How to repair windows 7 destroyed installation. Windows 7, and I’ve been wanting to try it but…here I am three years later, and we’re going to try it out. So to save you the time, I’ve already made Windows 7 virtual machine, and even made a snapshot, and also created an empty shared folder for … Read more